About Me
I'm Levi, I'm a fishionado and this is my fish site.
I've been keeping freshwater fish for just over a year now and I'm completely taken by the hobby.
The original idea behind getting a fish tank was to be able to grow lettuce all year long via aquaponics. So I started with 7 corydoras (2 peppered and 5 trilineatus) in a 13 gallon tank I rebuilt out of an old 30g terrarium. So before I could even start keeping fish I had to learn how to rebuild a tank and cut glass, which was fun and good to know. The peppered cories are still with me, sadly the trilineatus where not as resilient to my learning process... A year later, I'm up to 15 or so tanks with a slew of different fish, crustaceans, gastropods and aquatic plants. I did manage to grow a few leaves of lettuce before the roots rotted away in my mis-designed grow beds but during that time I fell in love with the fish and I currently buy my lettuce from the grocery store...
When I'm not doing something fish related, I'm a husband and father, my wife and I run a small IT consulting business. I've been in IT for almost 25 years and the vast majority of you still don't know what that TAB key does... so instead of ranting about all the foolish misconceptions and crazy things people do on/to their computers, I'm putting more effort into passing on info about fish. At this point we pretty much all have a few computers in our lives but most of you do not have even a single fish in your lives. I hope to change that.
I live in Northern Ontario, that's in Canada ya know. Yeah it's cold, until it's hot, but then it gets cold again, not much in-between. My "fish room" is what used to be my 1 car attached garage but now it's firmly a fish room, filled with "fish stuff" in every direction.
So what have I learned in the past year? Oh man! Thanks to countless individuals that make the internet what it is with posts, blogs, articles and videos on the subject I've accrued a huge amount of information and even managed to make sense out of some of it. Much like IT information there also happens to be a pile of info that on certain symptomatic levels will match your issue but it may not resolve your problem, could even make things worse. There are so many variables to well, everything (if you look hard enough) but certainly when it comes to aquariums, you have to keep in mind that just because someone describes an issue in a similar way to your issue does not mean it's the same issue.
With the above said. I've played around with all sorts of setups. I've done a bit of acrylic work making overflows, grow beds, stair cases for crayfish, tanks lids and few other things. All of my siphons are made out of PVC pipe, my crayfish tanks for example all cycle between each other in a 4 tank loop using a small mag pump to drive the water around and siphons to move it from tank to tank afterwards. I've learned how to cycle a tank, while seemingly always emphasized it just doesn't seem to sink in for a while. Along with that just how important proper tank maintenance is. I've also learned just how tough and adaptable most fish are when it comes to water conditions. As it turns out, you can have too many live plants and you need to monitor your PH.
As mentioned earlier, I'm quite taken by the hobby and have expanded significantly in the past year but I really haven't had to spend a fortune doing it (my wife may not agree). Most of my tanks have been obtained via reuse stores for much less than buying new, sure if it needs new seals maybe it's not such a deal but most only need a good scrubbing and they are good to go. Likewise filters, pumps, decorations along with other items can be had for a fraction of their price new. Given I've been known to jump from hobby to hobby, I try to not spend piles of money until I'm sure I'm going to carry on with my new hobby so reuse stores have been great for me. Sure, I've bought garbage tanks with broken pumps/filters that need full tear downs but you win some you lose some.
I'm more about function than beauty, so while I'd like all my tanks to be perfect, they aren't and that's fine. My fish are happy and thriving, the big scratch on the back pane of glass or the scuffed hood doesn't seem to bother them. I like to challenge myself so if I can reuse or re purpose something I will, there are times where new is just cheaper and easier but there are other times where a simple DIY device will suffice and does. I've been tearing things apart (machines, electronics, tools and anything else I can get my hands on) since I was a small child with no signs of stopping anytime soon.
Why Seven Deadly Fins for a name? Simple answer, it was available as a .ca domain and a channel on YouTube, didn't contain any "odd" or "funny" spelling and I just didn't think another www.aquarium_blah_blah_blah.com URL was my thing.
Why am I doing this? I think more people should have fish, I want to help people understand the hobby so they can succeed. I hope I can make the site into a good source of information for freshwater aquarists. What I can cover in video on my YouTube channel, I will but somethings require more detail than a video can reasonably provide and that's where this site comes in. I hope to have a few guides, lots of pictures, some DIY stuff and anything else I happen to rememeber to put up.
There are countless individuals that have posted great stuff on the hobby and please keep it up. There are three people I can easily recommend that do a fabulous job for the hobby. All three are very grounded and realistic about the hobby all the while providing excellent info on so many facets of fish keeping. There are lots of other good channels out there but those three have helped me immensely.
Hopefully that gives you an idea of who I am along with what the site is about.