Aquarium Volume Calculator

This tool calculates total tank volume in gallons/inches or litres/centimeters, has a fill line calculation and water weight estimate. A history list of your past 10 calculations are kept which can be converted to/from gallons/liters at a click. To top it off a 3D preview of the calculated tank.
  • Provide values for Width, Depth and Height, after which the "Size my tank!" button will go green.
  • You can scroll or type the values, negative or zero values are not allowed.
  • If you wanted to know how many gallons per inch or litres per cm your tank holds. Provide width, depth and height values then set the fill height to 1.
  • For more details on how this works, see notes below.
Choose your measurement type.
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What's the fill height? (Optional)
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  • All that's happening here is you're mutiplying the values by each other, then dividing that number by either 231 for inches or 1000 for cm.
  • By multiplying the values you get the cubic volume which is then converted to water volume.
  • Calculations are done via JavaScript on your device. Due to possible rounding in places, differences in glass thickness and other possible variables I haven't factored in the gallon/litre/weight values are estimated values, certainly close but not necessarily exact. Do NOT use this tool if you need exact measurements.
  • The optional fill height or water level, if specified needs to be more than 0 and less than or equal (not that equal is practical...) to the height value supplied. 1" or 2.54cm below height is the "standard" fill height. If you set the fill height = to height the preview will jitter like it knows the water would be spilling out the top... So long as the fill height is .1 less than height it's fine. eg. Fill=20 & Height=20 jitters, Fill=19.9 & Height=20 all good. It's on the list to fix.
  • Decimals are allowed up to one place. So 12, 20.5 or 80.9 would all be valid numbers.
  • Now also calculates the water weight based on the fill height.
  • New feature: 3D preview of the tank based on the values provided.
  • You last 10 calculations are listed below, you can click on a result to convert it to/from gallons/litres.
  • While I have done some scaling of the preview, very small or very large tanks may not preview correctly. I'll tweak it out in the future.
  • The water weight estimation is just that an estimate based on how much that volume of water would weight. It does not factor in glass thickness, substrate, other items you could put in the tank or the tank itself. Math is, total volume in gallons times 8.3 for lbs and total volume in litres translates directly to kg because 1 liter of water, weighs 1kg.
  • While you can specify decimal numbers up to one decimal place, most browsers seem to think it's insecure once a "." is put in one of the input boxes. Chrome for example will show "Not secure" in grey but once you put a period in, it changes to "Not Secure" in red. Firefox makes the input box glow red. Why this behaviour is normal I'm not certain at this point. (Pun probably intended) If for some strange reason you are using Internet Explorer or Edge, I have no idea how the page will behave, I don't test for either of those browsers not do I ever intend to. Anyway... if I can figure out a way to prevent it I will but for now it is what it is, know that I'm not stealing information.
  • All of the code for the page is done in JS, if you know just about any coding language you should be able to figure out how the page works with it's 600 some lines of script and derive that it's all safe.